Cedar Planters

                   Choose from our large selection of premade cedar planters or have yours custom peronalized to your specifications.

All planters are stained with natural cedar tone finish, unstained models available upon request and varnish can be added for a nominal fee



Cedar Block Planters.

Cedar Planter Trellis Combo


Standard Cedar planters



     Tapered Cedar planters









LG09    Combo 30" planter with 50" trellis                 $53

LG09F  Combo 30" planter with 50" F trellis              $58

LG10    Combo 40" planter with 50" trellis                 $71

LG10F  Combo 40" planter with 50" F trellis              $77

LG79F  Combo 48" planter with 50"  F trellis             $90

LG81    Combo 60" planter with 50" trellis                $103

LG81F  Combo 60" planter with 50" F trellis             $112

LG11     Standard planter              12" x 12"               $19

LG40     Standard planter              12" x  24"              $31

LG12     Standard planter              12" x  30"              $36

LG13     Standard planter              12" x  40"              $47

LG14     Standard planter              12" x 50"               $55

LG42     Standard planter              18" x 18"               $43

LG43     Standard planter              18" x 24"               $50

LG44     Standard planter              18" x 30"               $60

LG45     Standard planter              18" x 40"               $74

LG67     Std Window box                6" x 24"                $15

LG15     Std Window box.               6" x 30"                $19

LG30     Block Planter                    12" x 24"               $51

LG31     Block Planter                    18" x 24"               $68

LG32     Block Planter                    24" x 24"               $87

LG16     Planter Mini Chair                                          $13

LG17     Planter Single bird                                         $12

LG19     Planter Wall Hanger                                      $15

LG55     Portable Herb garden, W/ rope handles        $15

LG34     Planter Hanging Basket                                 $20

LG70     Planter Free Standing basket                        $32

LG46     Planter Tapered                   13" x 13"            $20

LG77     Planter Tapered                   13 x 21"             $47

LG78     Planter Tapered                   18 x 21"             $64

Cedar Basket styles

Free standing                               Wall Hanger       

     LG70                                              LG71


 basket   LG34

Custom ordering available

Even though we carry a large assortment of products, we can not fill everyones need. If you dont see exactly what you are looking for, call us or free quote on custom orders on any of our products or for one of a kind ideas you may have. We take pride in filling the needs of our customers. You will discover that our custom prices are very affordable.

Cedar Ornamental planters




Introducing New product, "Urban Gardens".

Due to popular demand we are now offering custom construction on a variety of styles to fit customer needs. if you have issues with space we can construct these planter gardens to fit your individual requirements.


Adlogtech produces three different styles of Cedar trellis.

1. Cedar Garden screens are our most heavy version. Constructed with a 2 x 2 framework and metal feet for easy placement.

2. Traditional Cedar fan trellis come in several sizes to fit most needs.

3. Square Cedar Trellis comes in two different versions, standard and our new "F" series that has a more distinctive appearance. Both come in a varity of sizes to fit most needs.

Cedar Garden Screens

LG36                                      LG39

                                                       height      width

LG41Trellis Cedar fan                        3'                             $9

LG05Trellis Cedar fan                        6'      x    24"          $19

LG06Trellis Cedar fan                        8'      x     46"         $25

LG33Trellis Square cedar                40"      x     29"         $11

LG07Trellis Square cedar                72"      x     30"         $19

LG07FTrellis Square cedar, F style  72"     x      30"        $22

LG08Trellis Square cedar                  8'      x      30"         $28

LG08FTrellis Square cedar, F style   8'      x       30"        $33

LG36Trellis Garden Screen             60"      x       24"        $79

LG37Trellis Garden Screen             72"      x       24"        $95

LG39Trellis Garden Screen             60"      x       36       $117

Cedar Trellis





Custom ordering available.

Every customers' garden or yard is different.  If you dont see exactly what you are looking for, call us for free quote on custom orders on any of our trellis products or for one of a kind ideas you may have. We take pride in filling the needs of our customers. You will discover that our custom prices are very affordable..

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